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everyone in enders game is queer except peter wiggin


Mary Lambert Sings Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” LIVE at Billboard as part of our Candid Covers video series. December 2013.

#she says she thought teenage dirtbag was a lesbian love song!!!!!! #i can’t believe i never saw how perfectly that fits!!!!!!!!

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hot aliens will be my downfall

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have you ever been so mad you went to bed

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Women - both within and without the United States - are being dramatically affected by war as currently waged by that country. But there has been little public space for dialogue about the complex relationship between feminism, women, and U.S. war. The editors have brought together a diverse set of scholars and activists who examine the questions raised by ongoing U.S. military initiatives. These theorists and organizers develop an anti-racist, feminist politics that brings to the foreground an analysis both of imperialist power and forms of resistance to it.  The questions they raise include: what are the implications of an imperial nation state laying claim to women’s liberation and did U.S. intervention and invasion in fact result in liberation for women in Afghanistan and Iraq? [Read]

Good book. I’m using lots of this for my thesis.

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Public Service Announcement from Megan Fox promoting Jennifer’s Body (2009)

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X-Files Pins by GhostofJupiter 

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Q: im in strong lust with this one girl and i know she gay but im a loser gay baby idk how to like... woo her

I’d say let her know like how damn gay she makes you but idk if that would come across as endearing or just sad. sorry I’m an awful wingwoman

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*watches the x files at 3 in the morning* aliens are real

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